About Myself

Margarita Merchán Price (1966) is a NIP licensed psychologist with a cognitive behavioural approach. I work with Adults in an individual setting in English (non-native speakers), German and Spanish.

As an expat, myself, I have experience living in foreign countries. A strong multicultural approach is central in the work with Expats, while at the same time maintaining the focus on each individual's needs, past and actual circumstances as well as the goals they wish to achieve.

Born in Bogota, Colombia in a large family, I studied at the German school in Bogota. After finishing my studies in psychology, and having worked for 3 years as a teacher, I decided to apply for a scholarship to study abroad. This scholarship led me to study a specialisation in clinical psychology in Germany. In the meantime, as a naturalised French citizen, I stayed for about 10 years in Germany until I moved to Luxembourg and then to the Netherlands.

After dealing with the language barrier and the validation of my diplomas I worked at my practice with Expats.

In the meantime I got certified as a Gz psychologist - BIG 69101506025, which allow me to work within the Dutch insurance system.